I Wanted a Brighter Apartment

Do you want to know what made me move from my apartment to one of the nicer and more luxury apartments for South Charlotte NC area residents? I know some people may think it is because of the location, which I admit is very nice as it puts me about 10 minutes closer to my job, cutting down on my commute time. Others think it is because of the amazing features that CityPark View South offers to all of its residents. I admit those things are nice too, especially the fitness center since I was able to cancel my gym membership which was quite pricey.

While those things are nice, it is not what made me move. I was visiting a friend at his new apartment here at CityPark View South, and I was amazed at how well lit his apartment is. I am not talking about the light bulbs in the ceiling fixtures either. I am talking about the natural light that comes in through the windows. Even without any lights on, his apartment was so well lit with natural light through the double pane windows, and I knew that I wanted that too.

The apartment I left behind was decent in most ways. It had a nice community center with free coffee that is actually good, and it also has a nice pool. However, my apartment was on the dark side. I did not realize just how much until I went to my friend’s apartment. As corny as it sounds, the difference was like night and day. It helps that the apartment was nice in so many other respects, but it was honestly just how bright it was naturally that made me want that for myself too. So, I moved to have a brighter apartment, and I don’t regret it one bit!