All Three of Us Want to Make the Big Move Together

My kids asking been bugging me often to take them to a pretty well-known theme park for the last couple of years. So on my daughter’s birthday, I surprised her and her brother by telling them that we were driving to California to do what they had wanted to do for ages. By the time we left there to go back home, I had already made a pit stop at some apartments for Colton CA residents because I wondered what it would be like to live there or another nearby building. I’m a manager at a well-known department store and we have a location in that city. I knew that all I would need to do is wait until a management position came open at that location and then I would be able to slide right in and have a job right away there.

I didn’t tell the kids right away of my plans. I just did things nonchalantly and listened carefully to what they had to say about it. I was already thinking of moving before I stopped in at the apartment complex. I would say things like, “Boy, it sure would be nice to move here. I think it would be a lot of fun.” Then, I would hear both of my kids say things like, “Yeah, we would like it, too.” When we stopped at the apartment building, the kids asked why. I told them that I was just curious and nothing more. I heard them buzzing about how great the place is. They loved it there.

After we were back home again, both of them made comments that they were tired of where we were living. They had never said that before to me. But now that they had their horizons expanded a little, they suddenly understood that change can be nice and even fun. I finally let both of them in on what I had been thinking about after I was sure they would approve, and they both gave a bit yes to doing it.