Staying in Mission Viejo Now

Of course this is sort of like a holiday for me and I could not ever afford to live in this place. It belongs to my boss’ ex wife and I suppose that he would not be too thrilled if he knew that I was her at her apartments in Mission Viejo watching this fat lazy dog for her. She says that I am one of the few people that the dog likes, I know it did not get along with my boss. The woman treats this dog like it was her only child. If she eats a steak this old basset hound gets a steak. In fact she left a couple of really nice steaks in her fridge, but that dog just did not get either of them. One of them I made for breakfast with eggs and grits and some saw mill gravy. It was a really great breakfast and I let the dog have the bone and the gristle. I was not sure that he still liked me after that, it seemed as though he knew that one of those steaks was his.

This place has all sorts of amenities. The most important for me are the gym and the swimming pool. I spent every single morning working out at the gym. I swam to work out some, although this is not really the sort of pool that is great for swimming laps in. You need a really big pool like at the YMCA. This is what they call a resort style pool, which means that there is a huge terrace around it where you can have big parties. They had one the second night that I was there and I had a really great time. The best type of beer is always the free beer someone gives you.