Fleeing to the Northern States

Have you been on the search for a new apartment? Have you decided, like so many others in recent weeks, to flee from the south and head to the wonderful, liberal north where President Trump’s touch is as unwanted as his presidency? Then you might be in the market for one of these beautiful apartments for rent in Silver Spring MD. You might think me something of an extremeist for wanting to move out of the South but after the most absurd debacle with President Trump cutting off so many people from entering America, can you honestly believe that his supporters are going to be open minded enough to accept those who do not approve of his presidency?

I’m genuinely afraid for this country, for myself and for those that I care about. The type of rabid supporters that President Trump has drawn to him is incredibly concerning. Who knows what sort of behavior these people are capable of when they reject so much honest intelligence, facts and news? This is why I have chosen to live in Maryland. It might not be perfect but it’s the most liberal state in the entire country and the only state that I can trust myself to live in right now.

Is it possible that I am overreacting? Completely. Is it possible that things will go much more smoothly than I expect them to? Undoubtedly. At least for right now I feel safe when there is little reason to feel safe in the United States. President Trump is the President and I accept that. However, it is my hope that he comes to see that he cannot treat the Presidency as a platform for his own agenda. The country depends on him to lead them but as it is, things are quickly going sour.